So the theory came up that what we see right now on Teen Wold is, at least in parts, some kind of mind-fuckery (or a dream).

Now I had soome thoughts about the Stiles/Heather scenes.

Because even for Teen Wold, the approach to sex was very… straightforward. And the whole set-up seemed somehow a little - weird to me.

You know, my thought was that somehow, it must feel a little like a dream come true to Stiles. There’s this girl, who he knew pretty well back in the days, but they haven’t seen each other for years. She invites him to her birthday party, and immediately upon his arrival, starts to kiss him, and leads him down to her cellar to have sex with him.

So far, so good.

But there are these inconsistencies. LIke Heather choosing the cellar, for whatever reason, as the most comfortable place to have sex for the first time. Like Heather not having any condoms, so that Stiles has to go through her brother’s stack.

The kind of inconsistencies that thend to happen in dreams.

Then Heather disappears. We see what happens - exploding bottles, glass shards, bloody feet. Then she is pulled out of the window by an invisible force.

But when Stiles comes to find her, nothing is there but the bandana. Heather has disappeared, which is later confirmed by Stiles’ father.

So either Heather was hallucinating before she got pulled out of the window by someting supernatural - quite possible - or she was extracted by an external force that manipulates this set-up dreamworld.

In school next day, Stiles wants to pull out a quarter out of his pocket, and instead the condom falls out. It’s a comedy scene - shit like that always happens to characters like Stiles.

Embarrassing shit like that also happens in dreams.

But you know what bothers me? That Stiles is wearing different pants.

If I am not completely colorblind, or the lighting does weird things to pants, Stiles is wearing red pants at the birthday party.

At school, his pants are brown.

So either he deliberately re-pocketed the condom when he changed, or it is another indication that something isn’t quite right here.

I wonder, what could the whole thing possibly mean?

Okay, this is just some kind of gedankenexperiment.

What does Stiles like? What does Stiles want?

Sex, because every boy and girl of his age does, and we know enough of him to know that he feels lonely and has a healthy sex drive.

Stiles also likes mysteries. And Heather’s disappearance? Definitely is one.

One possible explanation: this dream world gives characters what they want. So it would give Sitles: the prospect of sex, and a mystery to solve, and the whole class believing he has a huge dick.

But why would this set-up try to give Stiles what he wants?

Or is Stiles only a side character, and accidentally trapped, and the reason Heather disappeared is that whoever did the set-up wanted to eliminate her, because she was a distraction from the main plot?

And now it gets really, really esoteric.

Let’s have a look at scene with Isaac in thebath tub. Someone else already pointed out that when he comes to, the others tell him that he said something about a body - someting the audience never heard him say.

I still don’t quite understand that scene, but if I think about the parallels between Heather’s disappearance and Issaac’s ordeal, they’re quite obvious. Exploding bottles - flickering lights. Both in Heather’s cellar and during the bathtub scene, we get shots of very similar looking windows. Maybe in both cases, someone fom the outside tried to manipulate the dream world, someone tried to change the script, because the characters did something unexpected.

Or maybe I have simply watched too much Inception and Matrix.

Just one more thought, to make this sound even more ridicuous. And, yes, I really don’t believe what I have written, I am just playing mind games with myself. 

But Cora. 

If the dream world does, to an extent, fulfils people’s subconscious wishes - does that mean that Derek conjured Cora, the same way Stiles caused Heather to want to have sex with him? And that becasue Cora became the wolf incarcarated with Boyd, suddenly Erica’s body showed up?

As for some other inconsistencies.

Greenleaves-never listed them here.

All this may, or may not be, accidental. Just like the face in the lamp. Please, guys, tell me I am completely out of line and paranoid. But I’d love to read what you have to say about this.

The really bad thing is, while I wrote this, about a dozen weird, vaguely conneced ideas popped up in my mind.

I need to go to bed. Now.